Cédric Duarri D’Haene, also known as Barruf, is a self-taught artist born in Barcelona. He didn’t think about art until 2012, after experiencing surrealistic moments in his life.

Emeline Tate-Robertson

Emeline is the Artist and Designer behind the brand Project M. After attending Art School in England, she earned a degree at Fashion College.

Pedro Soares Filipe

Obvious Warrior is an exploration between the possibilities of 3D digital work and manipulated optical camera effects. I’m interested in futurism, music, experimental art, glitch and dry humor.

Alicia Noelle Jones

ANoelleJay is about unique and bold artwork. Alicia is Jamaican born but lives in NYC. Alicia creates fine art and digital pieces that speak to her Caribbean roots but that also reflects her love of NYC and the diversity in Brooklyn NY.

Vikki Salmela

Vikki Salmela knew at six, with her first gallery opening in a sauna dressing room, she was headed for a life of managing her creative talents.

Rob Snow | Creative

INGREDIENTS 1 creative person, slightly matured 2 tablespoons aptitude 1 piece of aesthetic flavouring 6lbs hard work and sweat 4 ideas more than most salt of the earth to taste Take a creative person and stir in some aptitude, thoroughly from the start.