Interview ~ Garima Dhawan

Bio Garima Dhawan is an Indian artist, living and working in the US since 2001. Her journey, from fashion and textiles to art and printmaking, is a quest to find a new visual language that creates peace and harmony.

Interview ~ Rosa Picnic

Bio I’m a 45 years old Portuguese woman; I was born in Angola, one of the Portuguese colonies, with the war our family had to go way and leave everything behind, I guess I can say I was a refugee at a very early stage at my life.

Interview ~ Amaya Brydon

Bio Hi my name is Amaya Brydon and I am a Honduran born artist located in Canada's ocean playground, Nova Scotia.

Interview ~ Alicia Noelle Jones

Bio Alicia, (ANoelleJay), is an independent Artist and Designer. Brooklyn girls, what else needs to be said? A few things that I need and use: acrylic paint, watercolors, and natural materials.

Interview ~ Pedro Soares Filipe

Bio I'm a 45-year-old sound teacher/music producer/en that enjoys making 3D art and sell it at print on demand sites.

Interview ~ Romina Lutz

Bio Romina Lutz is a self-taught digital artist and illustrator. She creates surreal vector art with a touch of vintage and flat design elements.

Interview ~ Rob Snow

Bio INGREDIENTS 1 creative person, slightly matured 2 tablespoons aptitude 1 piece of aesthetic flavouring 6lbs hard work and sweat 4 ideas more than most salt of the earth to taste Take a creative person and stir in some aptitude, thoroughly from the start.

Interview ~ Emeline Tate-Robertson

Bio Emeline Tate-Robertson created the brand Project M in 2010 after leaving Tate Sisters.