As users of many of the POD sites that are populating the creative online circuit, we feel in a position to help and guide many people who feel lost in the aspects of knowing where to get information, advise and reviews about these sites.

Being users, we know the inner workings that many of the patrons don’t see or know, and also have inside information that the sites themselves don’t disclose, that will be helpful to any artist working in the field of online sales.



As working creatives we aim to make a better and level playing field in the world of selling online. Art is a career option and people set out to make a living doing it. So, it’s only fair that like-minded creatives can give out and discuss the issues in this feverishly growing industry.

The industry is in a turmoil regarding the way the internet runs, so it is good to know that there is somewhere, with passionate creatives, setting out to make some sense in this world.

Every site has a different approach to the way they sell, the way they deal with their artists, and the way they deal with the art being put online to be sold. This can create a great deal of confusion.

Our challenges are to highlight the needs, requirements, legalities and flaws in the sites where you sell your art. Looking at contracts, licenses, infringement, trust and payments. Anything that could cross your mind regarding a POD site environment will be addressed in some way here. Why, because we are people using these services as well.