Interview ~ Amaya Brydon


Hi my name is Amaya Brydon and I am a Honduran born artist located in Canada’s ocean playground, Nova Scotia. Main focus on bold and colourful watercolour pieces.

1) Tell us a little about yourself, and your calling as a creative?

To be honest, with being adopted art gave me something to connect to when connections with other aspects of my life were not possible. Things didn’t make sense and still don’t, but art made perfect sense and I could get lost in the process without any boundaries or bewilderment. From a young age I always was drawing and doodling and I knew somehow it would always be there with me. I can remember watching my sister draw and I was amazed and wanted to do the same thing. I find creating and painting is like my comfort food when life is throwing obstacles and it gives that release. Expressing what one is thinking may be difficult to translate into words but the idea to say everything you want in a painting and not have to say a single word is what I love.

copyright © Amaya Brydon


2) Discuss your process and where you get your inspiration from?

I am continually inspired by the ocean and the wilderness. Growing up in Nova Scotia you are surrounded by water and it has definitely impacted my style. I am the most self aware and relaxed when I am by myself climbing or hiking by the shore. At night by the ocean it is hard not to get inspired by the mystery and power of the sea. I tend to use blues and aquas in my work because of this. If I see a certain colour in the water or the foam I usually take a picture and try to capture the same colour when I paint a watercolour. I also work with plants and natural stone everyday, and seeing the hues and the vibrant saturated colours helps fuel my colour addiction to create a bold piece. I also want to create pieces that makes people happy. It has always been extremely important to me to always make people smile and make them laugh. Putting others before one’s self. So I try to create art that cheers people up and brings bold colour combinations to their lives. Even though that colour may be equivalent to a crayon box exploding!

3) Describe your workspace? What is the one thing there you can’t live without?

My workspace is very bright. I work out of my sun-room and appreciate the natural light and sun shining in, or the relaxing sound and look of the rain outside. I am not one for being indoors as I tend to get quite restless, so at least this mimics that outdoor feeling. As for the one thing I can’t live without…I have this one brush that is broken in pieces and taped together. Of course each time I use it the tape gets wet and falls off but I refuse to buy another one because it works so well and I use it in every piece. Also listening to Debussy when creating..can’t live without that either…or a glass a wine….

4) Tell us what you do to get creative? Stay creative?

I immerse myself in nature. When I am in or around natural surroundings, whether it be near the ocean or in the forest with wild animals it clears my head. And no I’m not Snow White the animals don’t come frolicking near me and sing, they usually run away in fear thinking I am going to try and hug and squeeze the life out of them! Plus being outside it helps me expand on different ideas. It keeps me grounded, motivated, and humbled. That keeps me creative and helps me grow as an artist.

copyright © Amaya Brydon
copyright © Amaya Brydon


5) When did you decide you wanted to be an artist? And has the internet become a good or bad aspect to life as an artist?

I’m not sure if I really decided, it just happened. Plus one day about a year and a half ago or so a friend had sent me a link for a pod and I think that’s when I started thinking more seriously about it. I think for the most part the internet has been a good stepping stone into the art world. I have connected with some fantastic artists who have been a great support and who have shown me the ropes sort of speak. So I am quite grateful for that.

6) What do you like most about the art world?

The risks. I love the constant evolution of the art world, For me personally the process through the years is like a memory book. I look through my work throughout time and I can remember exactly how I felt, and what I was going through in each of my pieces. I see my style change and it tells how I have changed as a person. To everyone else they see a piece and skim over it but not fully realize the emotion and circumstances behind it. That is why I love the art world because it is like a book filled with so many chapters and characters in it each telling their story without words. I also love how different artists can take an idea and process it in so many ways.

7) What do you dislike about the world of art?

I feel it has become quite impersonal. You don’t actually know who is a true artist with substance, or if they are just creating for pure profit. I’m quite laid back and find there seems to be a competitive aspect of the world of art that doesn’t jive with me. I’d rather just eat cake and paint for fun. In saying that though, there are quite a few artists in the art world who really have impacted art in a good way.

copyright © Amaya Brydon
copyright © Amaya Brydon


8) What is the toughest thing about being an artist?

The aspect of being so critical of one’s work. I will finish a piece and look at every detail and completely over-analyze it, and usually feel it’s rubbish and toss it. Therefore most of my work has never been seen and the back of a piece ends up as a grocery list. I think the idea that one’s art should look a certain way is a flaw we have created in our mind. I try to remember the quote by Salvador Dalí ” Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it ” Also I tend to be very impulsive, so I may have an idea but I cannot quite figure out how to execute it the way I see it in my mind fast enough, then it leads to frustration and I usually move on to another idea. So I guess it is tough to try to stay focused and stick to one idea and build on it. For me as an artist those tend to be the toughest challenges.

9) You have been given a room in a house to paint! Each wall has to be a different colour! Which colours do you choose and why?

Sounds like my house already, no two walls are the same! I think it would be turquoise, cerulean blue, moss green, sea-foam green. I am completely out of my comfort zone with neutral tones. I need sea colours around me to be relaxed and comfortable.

10) You are being sent to a desert island and are told you can decorate your hut with 5 famous paintings. Which do you choose and why?

Emily Carr, Big Raven – Emily Carr was an artist I learned about at a young age and was a big influence. I love the rawness of The Raven and the strong use of colour and dominance.

Otto Dix, Sunrise – I admire the coldness and loneliness of this piece. Puts things in perspective.

Marc Chagall, Blue Lovers- Apparently I am a sap.

Pablo Picasso, Blue Nude- I love the emotion it evokes and how it can connect with so many aspects of ones life.

I have to break the grain and the last would have to be a Crayon drawing I received from a 3 year old child I know. As much as having famous art in my hut would be appreciated, I wouldn’t have the same connection. It’s my “famous”. I feel having art created by one who inspires me personally would make it more meaningful.

copyright © Amaya Brydon
copyright © Amaya Brydon


11) You are asked to draw an image of your favourite animal as the next painting. Which animal do you choose and why?

That is a hard one. I love whales because of my love of the sea and how majestic they are. However I really have a thing for Alpacas with their fuzzy heads and crazy fur/hair and long necks. Perhaps it is because I envy their hair and the fact they can pull off that hairdo and forego a flatiron.

12) You’ve been asked to hold a dinner party for famous painters. Which 4 would you invite? What would b on the menu?

Otto Dix
Frida Kahlo
Marc Chagall
Vincent van Gogh

On the menu? Well anyone who knows me well will know if I cook people will get food poisoning or the house will catch on fire so let’s just say we will “”eat”” Mojitos. There are Mint leaves in it…technically food….

13) What’s your message to the World?

Yikes, loaded question. Be compassionate, kind, and show respect to others, putting oneself in the shoes of others. Create things that fully represent you without compromising your values. Be impulsive when it comes to art, let your initial response guide you and do NOT over-analyze. Remember where you came from and your roots, and do not strive for material success at the cost of damaging your relationships with others or comprising your moral integrity. Also make sure your paint water and coffee aren’t next to each other…trust me they don’t taste the same.

copyright © Amaya Brydon
copyright © Amaya Brydon


14) Which is your favourite POD, and why?

Well I started out with Society6 and not until recently have I joined others. I would have to say thus far Society6 because of the community and the diversity.


For more information and to see Amaya Brydon’s amazing work, visit his website: Amaya Brydon, or contact her here: email!



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