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Romina Lutz is a self-taught digital artist and illustrator. She creates surreal vector art with a touch of vintage and flat design elements. She studied graphics and arts at university. With her business “Schwebewesen“ she creates landscapes, portraits, maps and various illustrations for companies and newspapers as well as designs for different products sold through PODs. She uses her favourite instrument: A Wacom Tablet for drawing and painting in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

1) Tell us a little about yourself, and your calling as a creative?

Hi, I’m Romina Lutz, it’s a big pleasure to take part in this great interview!
As a grown up (I’m 32 years old) I have always wanted to remain my inner child and with it this joyful and passionate pleasure whilst creating. Drawing and painting makes me feel exactly this way and thus I made my dream come true: I’m running my own business named „Schwebewesen“ for 3 years now. I create digital illustrations for companies and private customers. Likewise, I also create artwork for various design products.

Romina Lutz
copyright © Romina Lutz


2) Discuss your process and where you get your inspiration from?

I have always been very passionate about drawing & painting and studied graphics and art history until the age of 21. From this moment on I decided to save all my money in order to afford a design college where I figured out that art and design definitely can be combined. Even if I have been taught the exact opposite. I have always been a little rebel, you know!
In my works, simplicity is very important. I love flat design and minimalistic art. Choosing the right colors and textures that induce the proper emotional messages and feelings is of prime importance for my designs. Also a touch of mystery and surrealism is a major part of my work.
I get my inspiration from talking to lovely people and from unforgettable moments. I really love the work of fellow artists but I am likewise inspired by artists from the past , mostly Dalí and Vincent van Gogh. I am also a big fan of digital artist Tom Haugomat, actor Benedict Cumberbatch and director Tim Burton’s early works.

3) Describe your workspace? What is the one thing there you can’t live without?

Even if I love minimal art: I don’t even remember the colour of my office’s wall. Every single part of it are pictures of travelling, people, memories, tickets, words, letters, artworks and much more. It is very important to me being surrounded by those memories and moments because they are the products of my works.
Authentic, colourful and cleaned up (nope, I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way…).
I can’t live without my Wacom tablet and…well rather obvious…my heart. I mean it in a poetic and metaphorical way.

4) Tell us what you do to get creative? Stay creative?

Listen to my heart, feelings, people and good music, that’s all…really.

Romina Lutz
copyright © Romina Lutz


5) When did you decide you wanted to be an artist? And has the internet become a good or bad aspect to life as an artist?

I decided to become an artist when I finally realized that I don’t fit into this “normal“ routine life. I am a dreamer, followed by the voice of my inner child. Besides, I really love to be alone – This maybe sounds weird, but I really love to be isolated and doing what I love. (Wow…3 times the word “love“ in a row.. I am quite sure: I definitely love what I’m doing 😀) I think the internet has become a good possibility to get to know you, connect with fellow artists, learn very quickly through tutorials. Also, selling art online is a great way for an artist to earn an additional income.

6) What do you like most about the art world?

The strong emotion you feel when I have a look at a beautiful artwork, even if it is not mine. When you feel the artist‘s strong passion behind it using various techniques, colours, topic and composition.

Waking up with a big smile on my face and a strong motivation to start off a new challenge for myself is really important. Sometimes I have a clear idea of what I am going to paint. Sometimes it’s a rather spontaneous decision that is influenced by feelings, moments, music, weather and other factors. Another great thing is meeting such lovely and talented fellow artists and I am really grateful having the pleasure to know them.

7) What do you dislike about the world of art?

Sometimes you don’t get taken seriously by people when you tell them you work as an artist.

Romina Lutz
copyright © Romina Lutz


8) What is the toughest thing about being an artist?

Having to answer every once in a while: “Yes, you can make a living with being an artist.“
In the beginning you realize you are different than others – that thought confuses you. Later on that thought makes you feel VERY comfortable.

9) You have been given a room in a house to paint! Each wall has to be a different colour! Which colours do you choose and why?

I will probably remove the walls to see what colour is hiding behind it. Surprise, surprise…

10) You are being sent to a desert island and are told you can decorate your hut with 5 famous paintings. Which do you choose and why?

Salvador Dalì: The Persistence of Memory:
It reminds me that life moments and memories are everyday gifts.

Arthur Zelger: Ötztal Tyrol, Plakat:
It is actually a poster about a place in Tyrol. I love the style, colour and composition and it reminds me that my home is where my heart is: right here in this lovely decorated hut with my 5 paintings in it.

Bosch Hieronymus: The Garden of Earthly Delights:
With this painting it won’t get boring for me in my isolated hut… so much details to figure out….

Vincent van Gogh: Starry Night:
In memory of such a talented artist who has never known the fame he earned after his death.

The last one is the one I will have to smuggle onto the island because it’s a book and not a painting: “The Art of Tim Burton“. Why? Because of the adrenalin of getting caught… 😉 Sorry for cheating, Rob!

Romina Lutz
copyright © Romina Lutz


11) You are asked to draw an image of your favourite animal as the next painting. Which animal do you choose and why?

An axolotl. Because I still haven’t figured out what it is exactly.

12) You’ve been asked to hold a dinner party for famous painters. Which 4 would you invite? What would b on the menu?

VincentVan Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Andy Warhol and Edvard Munch.
Menu? Wine, mainly. The rest is talking and admiration for brainfood.

13) What’s your message to the World?

Beware, it is getting very cheesy now – but hey, it’s a fact, so lets go for it: Follow your dreams and listen to your heart.

Romina Lutz
copyright © Romina Lutz


14) Which is your favourite POD, and why?

CURIOOS – because you get to know the face behind the company. The staff is very friendly and motivated. Moreover their website is so clean and the whole process is very professional. I feel comfortable on this site because there are lovely fellow artists that I really admire for their amazing artwork and it is an honour for me to be part of it. Another reason why I really like CURIOOS is because they help you promoting your art and they’ve got amazing mock ups.


For more information and to see Romina Lutz’s amazing work, visit his website: Romina Lutz Art, or contact her here: email!

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