Interview ~ Steve Wade


I am a 24 year old UK, Essex based, bearded artist. Love to experiment with colours and textures in my designs.

1) Tell us a little about yourself, and your calling as a creative?

Well I have been drawing since before I could speak! When I was very young I had very severe dyspraxia, so I found it hard to express myself. Art was a great way for me to express what I was feeling or wanted to say when the words would not come to me.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

Since then I have been glued to art! Now I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Recently set up a my own business with a fellow artist and best mate Cat for selling our own products in the UK and taking freelance jobs.

copyright © Steve Wade
copyright © Steve Wade


2) Discuss your process and where you get your inspiration from?

Nature definitely inspires me the most within my work. I love all the different shapes, textures, creatures, sounds and colours within it. Mountains and forest are especially a big inspiration as I have always felt more at home in the countryside away from the towns and cities.

My process is usually to start out with some quick sketches of ideas. Then I add more detailing and other aspects in pen or paint. Once thats done I experiment with a lot of colour schemes for each piece till I find something that feels just right. Texture is also important to me as I find it adds that little something that brings everything together at the end.

3) Describe your workspace? What is the one thing there you can’t live without?

My workspace is my bedroom in the corner by the window! I have lots of drawings, framed work and some vinyl figures all around the room and desk. Always have a big stack of paper at hand too for when inspiration hits. Whenever it is sunny I usually work outside in the garden. I find I feel more inspired there. I couldn’t live without my Mac Book Pro and Wacom Graphic Tablet as thats where all the magic happens.
Oh, and pens. Got to love pens!

4) Tell us what you do to get creative? Stay creative?

I like to listen to some music and immerse myself in nature. Go out and take photos for inspiration and research at a lot of different landscapes, mountain ranges, textures and colour schemes to help get more ideas. Also I tend to get a sudden idea from just noticing a certain shape or colour when I am out or even a word I hear whilst listening to music. Gaming gets me feeling creative too with all the different sounds and worlds you can immerse yourself in for a little while. I would have to say though I very rarely feel unmotivated or uncreative.

copyright © Steve Wade
copyright © Steve Wade


5) When did you decide you wanted to be an artist? And has the internet become a good or bad aspect to life as an artist?

I have always been drawn to art from a very early age, like I stated earlier. I suppose when I first stared school I decided then that I wanted to follow an art career as I found everything except the art lessons rather uninteresting! The internet has become a good aspect as it helps you to sell work, get noticed, be open to a much wider audience of potential clients and has made it easier to connect to people all across the world. It’s also let me connect with a lot of awesome artists that I would probably not have been able to connect with, without it.

6) What do you like most about the art world?

I love how art lets you be free to be creative and express yourself with a drawing or design instead of words. The community of artists too is great as we tend to try to help each other and push each others work to newer heights!

7) What do you dislike about the world of art?

Plagiarism is a big thing in the art world I do not like. To me its the same as stealing someone else’s belongings and it is not creative at all. Also people who don’t take you seriously if you say you work as an artist.

copyright © Steve Wade
copyright © Steve Wade


8) What is the toughest thing about being an artist?

Making yourself stand out from the crowd so you are not just doing something thats been done loads of times and remembering to promoting your own work. Also advertising and contacting people for potential freelance work.

9) You have been given a room in a house to paint! Each wall has to be a different colour! Which colours do you choose and why?

I would probably paint each wall a bold colour because you can never have too much colour in you life!

10) You are being sent to a desert island and are told you can decorate your hut with 5 famous paintings. Which do you choose and why?

All Van Gogh paints! Starry night was the first painting I remember seeing. He was the first artist that truly inspired me. I love the movement of the brush strokes, colours and shapes. His work is how I tend to look at everything. Not what the object or view is but the potential shapes, colours and swirls within them.

copyright © Steve Wade
copyright © Steve Wade


11) You are asked to draw an image of your favourite animal as the next painting. Which animal do you choose and why?

A tiger. Love their markings and orange has always been my favourite colour. Roar!!!

12) You’ve been asked to hold a dinner party for famous painters. Which 4 would you invite? What would b on the menu?

Van Gogh
Jon Burgerman
Alan Lee
Katsushika Hokusai

The menu? Well I would cook whatever they liked as I love cooking! I probably would have followed a career in cooking if I had not done art.

13) What’s your message to the World?

Well as two very wise men said ‘Be excellent to each other!’

copyright © Steve Wade
copyright © Steve Wade


14) Which is your favourite POD, and why?

Society 6 was the first POD I used so I think I would have to be that one (when it works). Tend to sell the most on there too and I have meet some great artists from it!


For more information and to see Steve Wade’s amazing work, visit his website: SWadeDesign, or contact her here: email!



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